TIME: 10.30am - 12.30pm



These two hour Prenatal workshops are for pregnant women from 12-42 weeks gestation. You will experience a combination of childbirth education and prenatal yoga from an experienced prenatal yoga teacher, Birthing from Within Mentor®️ and doula (birth support person).

Prepare to awaken a powerful woman who is ready to birth not only her baby, but a mother who is more conscious and more connected with herself and deeply tuned to the process of birth and postpartum.

The purpose of these workshops is to help you begin the inner journey of pregnancy, preparing you for what happens when things don’t go to plan and how to make informed choices during your labour. Each month we will uncover different topics for your personal growth and these may include menstruation (your first rite of passage), how you were born, stages of labour, poses for labour, fears, preparing for postpartum, relationship changes & breastfeeding.


If you're looking for something special to help you connect with your baby, your body and your inner wisdom for birth, then you've arrived at the right place. Join us for Prenatal yoga for your birth preparation and find the tools you need to support your birth experience, whatever that may be.

Singingbird Prenatal yoga is a unique fusion of yoga (yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation & relaxation), childbirth education and mentoring for birth. You will prepare for the intensity of labour by learning several multi sensory pain coping and breathing practices, that will allow you to be open and ready for the unexpected nature of birth. You will strengthen your body and mind, and make a strong connection with your baby for birth and into motherhood. You'll also learn ideal positioning for a comfortable labour, valuable birth tips for all types of births, in all locations (hospital, birth centres or at home), and gain insights for preparing for the challenges of labour, one breath at a time.

We create a supportive community of women, a non judgemental space for open discussion, and freedom to talk about your fears. The classes are for beginners to regular yoga practitioners who are 12-13 weeks gestation onwards. If you have any complications or ailments during your pregnancy, please let us know when booking in.

"Hi lovely Lauren! Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for the skills and perspectives you taught and shared at birth workshop and yoga! I didn’t end up being able to make the last few weeks due to being put on rest for hypertension and bruised ribs (thanks baby!) which I was so sad about but I would have been lost without the skills and positions and ideas. Baby Harriet arrived this morning in a beautiful fifteen minutes of pushing water birth just before sunrise using gas and breath awareness, after a horrendous essentially pain-med free 30 minutes of active labour and transition after gel induction the previous day, during which I used every yoga position and sound technique under the sun and definitely embraced my inner primal womanly self I think! The way your courses taught me to listen to my body, acknowledge the pain and prioritise and advocate for my feelings made sure pushing was the most beautiful experience that only resulted in the tiniest tear. (Unfortunately I became a bit too “feral” lol for breath awareness in transition but dilating 7 cm in 30 minutes with no relief at all does that to you I think haha!) will miss prenatal dearly and can’t wait to keep seeing updates as to what you’re up to on here!" - Jade

"Lauren's prenatal yoga is something very special. She has a deep passion for pregnancy and birth and this shines through in her beautiful class. Every Sunday I felt nurtured, energised and relaxed. It was my time with my growing baby away from my busy life, time to prepare my body and my mind, time to focus on my birth. I always enjoyed chatting with the other pregnant mummas and listening to Lauren's insightful and knowledgable words about all things birthy. In Lauren's class, its not just about the yoga, it's about the woman and her birth journey. She comes highly recommended!" - Brooke

"Wanted to let you know we had a baby boy on the 18th Dec! Just in time for Christmas! I wanted to thank you as my labour and birth was an amazing experience and all thanks to yoga. The whole time, I went into the pain coping mindset, and did the inner breathing techniques. I worked myself up so much about labour as you know, but it was totally the opposite of what I thought. My overall experience was very positive and I'm so proud that I got through it. I don't think I would have if it wasn't for you." - Yolanda

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movements.

  • Don't eat large meals before class and make sure you are hydrated.

  • Turn your mobile phone off or to silent

  • Let me know in advance if you have any health concerns or areas of tension/injuries before the practice starts.

  • Please consult your doctor if you are unsure if yoga is suitable for you.

"I don't know how to tell you how grateful I am for finding you. For a long time, I've been looking for something... Something to connect me to nature and get me closer to myself and spirituality, but I was not sure how this could happen (especially being so busy with my daughter and craziness of daily life). Thankfully, this pregnancy opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of what the birth process could be and where this new perspective could lead me to in the long term... It's like I had to have a door open, someone or something to show me one direction, and it feels like it's happening now...I really admire the work you're doing, it really means a lot to many women, and will make the difference in their lives. Some more, others less, but I believe that every woman who goes to your classes and sees your dedication and passion when talking about birth, has a seed sewn...and that's what matters at the end. Thanks for showing us this little door and encouraging us to listen to nature and our bodies in such a beautiful way." - Junia

lauren(at)singingbirdyoga(dot)com or call me on 0439 644 345