Inner work sessions, healing and debriefs


It is essential, as women, that we take care of ourselves. Radically care for ourselves. By this i mean, cultivating deep listening to your needs, connecting with your past to heal it, and moving forward with a new and empowering story of who you really are.

In the past, women have considered themselves less than or told they are not equal and have held on their backs and in their bodies life times worth of pain, guilt and shame. In order to collectively heal this we must first look to ourselves and dive into inner work to heal. When you begin to heal the inner feminine and masculine, we begin to heal our relationships, our connection with nature and collectively we begin to heal all women. 

As a Shamanic craftswoman and spiritual medium I offer:

-energetic healing, sound healing & spiritual medium sessions

-pregnancy, birth & postpartum energy healing sessions

-pregnancy, birth & postpartum debriefs - deep listening sessions and energy work

-Loving menstruation - sessions for healing the red thread

Session fees:

1 hour - $90

1.5 hours - $130

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“The day I went into labour Lauren placed her hands on my back to help me “let go”. My baby boy was born smoothly and without complication later that day.” -Caroline

”After my reiki session with Lauren at 4 days past my due date, I felt a massive release of energy. I was relaxed and at ease.. As she was leaving, she told me I would go into labour soon, ‘You’ve got your labour face on!’ were her exact words. I went into labour that night and birthed my son with her by my side! Lauren is full of amazing wisdom and has a beautiful, radiating presence :) “ -Paula

”A couple of years ago I was in a terrible place dealing with anxiety and I felt like I was just floating in my body. After 1 session of Reiki with Lauren I felt clearer & to this day I still visualise colours of how I want to feel just like we chatted about that day too.” ( Love you Lauren Horton❤️) -Vicki

”After a very traumatic birthing experience, Lauren offered to give me a reiki session and I am still amazed at how good I feel afterwards, even though it was over a month ago. The session allowed me to let go of a lot of negative energies and emotions I was holding onto consciously, and unconsciously, and started me onto the healing process with a more positive , lighter and balanced energy. Lauren is very intuitive reiki master and picked up on many things I had not mentioned. I now feel so much more at peace with the birth of my daughter and can now think of it as a beautiful, yet difficult experience which I was unable to do prior to seeing Lauren. I can only highly recommend her.” - Sophie

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Lauren x

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