“I saw Lauren for a reiki session in search for some help with my incredibly painful and heavy menstruations since my two pregnancies. When I had initially mentioned this to her Lauren explained to me that periods shouldn’t be particularly painful in itself but that it usually indicates an emotional or energy blockage of some kind and reiki may be of help. I’m very attached to the ocean and so we met one early Sunday morning at the beach where after a short walk we sat down and Lauren encouraged me to talk about what was going on for me. Whilst we talked she placed her warm hand on my lower back and it stayed there...that’s all she did. I remember how naturally and easy it seemed to me to show her my vulnerable side and I was surprised what topics came up for me during the conversation, clearly attached to the expression of my feminine. What can I say? Since that day I have not had one single day of painful menstruation. I now feel a slight, dull ache as they come on but that’s it and never any of the near contraction like cramps that I used to have! The only thing I can attach this to is my reiki session with Lauren who clearly has an intuitive gift to access what is lying under the surface for us and remove blockages in energy flow. I thank Lauren every month and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her...especially if you haven’t tried reiki before like me. It’s been one of the most powerful and influential hours of my life!” - Julia


I've been working with women and energy for almost 10 years now. I have worked with women through deep listening, energetic healing and more recently with shamanic practices to help women reveal what needs to be explored and healed. 

I have facilitated healing and shifts in perception for women with:

Over due or mal-positioned babies - Every woman who has come to me for a session to help go into labour has gone into labour that afternoon or the next day. Every woman who has come to me to help to turn their babies, has had their baby turn within a couple of days after the sessions. These are powerful but simple and nurturing sessions for women to remember what they need. This is a must in our current pressure filled culture. 

I have also worked with women on the following:

Anxiety, headaches, heartburn, emotional trauma from birth, fears, menstrual pain & PMS, and fertility/conception.

Skype sessions & one on one face to face sessions available.

Psychic medium sessions are also available.

If you're interested in trying an alternative but very effective way to support your life or your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, take action to begin radical self care and the path to re-membering how to trust your intuition again. 

See more about my vision and qualifications here

Session fees:

1 hour - $90

1.5/2 hours - $150

You can book in or get more information when you fill out the form below.

I look forward to supporting you in a unique and nurturing way!

Lauren x

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The day I went into labour Lauren placed her hands on my back to help me “let go”. My baby boy was born smoothly and without complication later that day.” -Caroline

”After my reiki session with Lauren at 4 days past my due date, I felt a massive release of energy. I was relaxed and at ease.. As she was leaving, she told me I would go into labour soon, ‘You’ve got your labour face on!’ were her exact words. I went into labour that night and birthed my son with her by my side! Lauren is full of amazing wisdom and has a beautiful, radiating presence :) “ -Paula

”A couple of years ago I was in a terrible place dealing with anxiety and I felt like I was just floating in my body. After 1 session of Reiki with Lauren I felt clearer & to this day I still visualise colours of how I want to feel just like we chatted about that day too.” ( Love you Lauren Horton❤️) -Vicki

”After a very traumatic birthing experience, Lauren offered to give me a reiki session and I am still amazed at how good I feel afterwards, even though it was over a month ago. The session allowed me to let go of a lot of negative energies and emotions I was holding onto consciously, and unconsciously, and started me onto the healing process with a more positive , lighter and balanced energy. Lauren is very intuitive reiki master and picked up on many things I had not mentioned. I now feel so much more at peace with the birth of my daughter and can now think of it as a beautiful, yet difficult experience which I was unable to do prior to seeing Lauren. I can only highly recommend her.” - Sophie