We want to invite you to a very special retreat to be held in Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast, NSW. This women's retreat will connect you back to the mysterious, magical and sacred inner workings of your body. You will release the shame of your menstrual cycle, the shame of your body and begin the process to reclaim your power, connect more deeply to your intuition and following your hearts callings. We will begin to dismantle the patriarchy within, through doing the inner work to heal ourselves.

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In order to smash the patriarchal structure that limits and oppresses women, especially black, indigenous and women of colour, we must first dismantle the structures we uphold within. As a white woman, you might not realise what you are upholding. We will have the privilege of listening to a woman of colour speak about her experience at the retreat. This is just the beginning…

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On this retreat, you will practice yoga & dance/movement. You will use your voice to heal your soul through song and share your stories with the truest words in a safe space with each other, and ultimately for each other.

When we share our stories, we open a portal to compassion for one another. This brings us towards wholeness and self love. This energy ripples out to heal our ancestors and paves the way for our sons and daughters.

You will craft, spend time in nature and feast on delicious vegan food prepared by our vegan Chef/Witch Bec Griffiths. You will sit around the fire and share powerful stories of wild women who dare to be different and cackle and laugh until the full moon tells us its time for bed.

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You will sleep together in the yurt, like a big slumber party and wake up when the sun rises for more yoga, sharing and women’s business.

Join Bec and I for what is bound to be an extraordinary time, spent with like minded women for self healing and for the greater good of all. 

Schedule to come soon!!

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