You may not have heard about placenta encapsulation, but its becoming an essential part of postpartum recovery for many women. Placentas have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine long before modern medicine even existed. The placenta is believed to be rich in nutrients and helps women recover more readily after childbirth. 

 The benefits that women experience when consuming their placenta as capsules can be increased energy and mood, increased milk supply, replenished iron levels, reduction of bleeding postpartum, a balance in hormones, reduction of the occurrence of postpartum depression, no sign of the baby blues, assists the uterus in returning to its normal size after birth, and a decrease in insomnia or sleep disorders.

For more information, please read on over at the IPEN (International Placenta Encapsulation Network) website.

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During the encapsulation process, the placenta is treated with respect and care, in a hygienic, safe and clean environment. I am now only offering Raw placenta encapsulation. If there is something medical that contraindicates raw encapsulation, I do use the steaming (TCM) process where needed or requested.

RAW Placenta Encapsulation $290 (includes pick up and drop off)

It is believed that the raw method retains more iron and nutrients because it skips the steaming process. The raw method involves thinly slicing it in its raw form, dehydrating the placenta, the cord and sac, and grinding the pieces in a high power food processor. This fine powder is put into vegetarian capsules and is then ready to consume.

Your placenta will be steamed if necessary for medical reasons and for your safety.

This services includes:

-Pick up and drop off to you at your home/hospital. 
– Your own placenta dehydrated, ground and put into capsules (usually between 140 – 220) 
– Information leaflet
– Cord keepsake and photo of placenta if requested

If you'd like to drop off the placenta and pick up the capsules yourself, the price is $250.

Raw Placenta Smoothie $40

The raw placenta smoothie is rich in nutrients and stem cells for healing postpartum. A couple of pieces of the maternal side of the placenta are placed into a blender with bananas, berries and water. 

Placenta Mother Tincture Remedy $100

The 'Mother tincture' has strong healing properties for you. It can help with postpartum blues, PND, mood swings, and healing the vagina/scars after birth. Its also helpful for menstruation when it returns, illness and a powerful tonic to keep for healing and the transformation into menopause.

The Homeopathic remedy is the constitutional remedy for your baby. It is an individualised remedy specifically for your baby in times of illness. It is rich in stem cells, so its a good immune remedy for baby. 

PLACENTA PACKAGE - $395 - Free Smoothie!

Placenta Encapsulation, smoothie and Mother tincture - $395

For more information about the different remedies and some research on the benefits of placentas for recovery, please skip over to the IPEN (International Placenta Encapsulation Network) website.



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