Congratulations on your pregnancy! What an emotional time it is, full of change and embracing the unknown. If this is your first baby then you are perhaps feeling excited but also a bit nervous about giving birth and how you can give yourself the best chance of the experience you and your partner are hoping for. Or perhaps you would like this birth experience to be different to a previous one, more empowered, informed and with less intervention. Maybe you just know that having maximum support on the biggest journey of your life makes sense and this is why you are considering a doula. Whatever your reasons are, I'm here to take this incredible journey with you and ensure you are your best informed, positive and empowered self when the time comes to give birth. Supporting you from the first moment you need me during labour until after your baby is born, providing reassurance and enabling partners to be of capable support to the labouring woman is all part of what I do and love.

I'm an experienced birth & postnatal doula and have supported families on the Coast at Gosford Public and Private in a wide spectrum of births, ranging from entirely physiological to high intervention and caesarean births. I consider myself VBAC passionate and love supporting women on this special birthing journey.

"I don't think I have ever felt so held in my life. I was conscious of Julia's energy creating a space for me to be comfortable with all that is the process of birth and navigating the challenges of pregnancy. And she did that for both Gibran and I. This allowed us to be available emotionally for our baby. He is very calm and I believe he is adjusting to life outside of the womb so well because of this. I feel that I have been able to process my birth experience and understand it so much better with Julia. I wish that every woman giving birth had a doula. Our world be so much more harmonious. How we are born impacts us for the rest of our lives. And having this kind of support helped both my husband and I transition into the whirlwind of newborn life." - Arlene

Julia MacLeod Certified Birth & Postnatal Doula  0457 100 752