The most hectic day of my life

Going by the photo, it looks like we had a fun day. My sons hair is messy, I'm smiling and the weather seems glorious.

What started as a 'good' day, ended with no sleep, many tantrums, shampoo on the floor (the whole bottle), drawings on the wall, a nice little push to the tv and a kick in the breast. 

I called this post 'The most hectic day of my life', a) because it seemed pretty hectic at the time, b) because I wanted to grab your attention and c) because I'm curious about our use of the terms 'good' and 'bad' to describe experiences.

How do you define a good day or a bad day?

Good is usually associated with happiness, laughter and when things go according to plan or to your liking. A bad day is associated with chaos, stress and perhaps anger or when things don't meet your expectations.

I often reflect at the end of each day on how I reacted/responded to certain situations and whether I could have dealt with things differently. I also try not to define the day by words like 'good' or 'bad' because I feel like those words are both very subjective based on personal experiences and perspective. What may be an okay day to one, may be a day of 'gold' to another, and a challenging day may even be a huge learning experience and where the most growth is being made as a parent and a child. 

I find that the most challenging days are the most rewarding, even though this is usually realised in hindsight. 

Today was a particularly challenging day for me and it was mainly because I wanted my 2 hours to myself when my son usually sleeps. When I realised he wasn't going to sleep, I was quite frustrated and angry with him, but I quickly figured out that it wasn't about him, it was about my own expectations. Unfortunately being a mum, you don't often get a choice on what your day entails, its the luck of the draw, its fly by the seat of your pants and if you get time to practice yoga for 20 minutes you sing hallelujah! 

Pema Chodron's most recent quote on her facebook page is:

"Chaos should be regarded as very good news."

I really like this. Because theres nothing wrong with chaos. Chaos is a sign of change, of movement, of growth and energy. Chaos is trying to move us, to change us, to provoke us, to challenge us.

Be challenged parents! Let it hurt like hell and enjoy that gritty, frustrating, raw emotion associated with parenting and children.

Its all good.


Its it should be.