3 Quick but essential tips for preparing for birth and postpartum

Woy Woy yoga Lhorton.png

1. Meditate often. This practice is perfect for pregnancy/postpartum. With meditation you have an opportunity to prepare for birth/postpartum through inner reflection and conscious effort. Each time a thought rises, you can catch it and return to your Body, Breath and Baby (the three B's). Meditation will make your mind strong so that you can let your body do the process of birthing/breastfeeding in the way you need.

2. Know the benefits and risks of all the things you are fearful of. Do your research and make educated choices based on evidence. Don't leave it to the last minute to prepare for birth/postpartum. Take your time to make choices

3. Notice how you do process in your life. How do you birth things or nurture things in your daily life? This can show up in your birth process/postpartum. How can you prepare to deal with your habit patterns when your birth plan/postpartum plan takes a detour? This takes us back to meditation. The answers will be found here. In the discomfort of all the thoughts comes clarity. But it takes conscious effort, a gentle approach and time. Start NOW!

If you are keen to explore these things with me come to my Prenatal Yoga classes or a birth workshop with your partner.