Waiting for baby...

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting waiting...

Are you on the home stretch? Did you think that your baby would be coming early? Did you think you would be able to manage your mind if you did indeed go over your 'Estimated Due Date'?

Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking...way too much thinking :)

Here are my yoga inspired tips for managing this 'waiting' time with grace, ease, and compassion for both you, and your baby.

My first son is a Virgo and he likes to rush through things to get to the end. He doesn't really like to do the in between stuff, unless its lego, where he gets to build it in his own way. He likes getting to the outcome, and now that hes 4 he just wants to be a big boy, and do big boy things.

Second son (not born yet) is most likely a Capricorn. Capricorns do things in their own time, but in a different way. They don't like being forced, they like to take their time. The conditions have to be perfect and they assess the risks before doing anything. It has been brought to my attention that respecting his journey, is just as important as my own.

Looking at my labour/prelabour in this way helped me to be more at ease with 'waiting' for this baby. Even if its your first baby, you should still have an understanding of their patterns of movement in your belly, their personality, and general feeling of their spirit. Connect with your baby on regular basis and have a chat.

Don't tell your baby what to do or use firm words to coerce your baby out. Would you like to be forced, or told what to do when you weren't ready? How would you like to be treated or spoken to during this special time in YOUR life?


Accepting where you are now can be a challenge. But I can't blame you, I want to meet my baby too. But if you remember that you and your baby are one, and connected on a physical and spiritual level you may realise that your baby is not doing this to you. Whatever is frustrating you on your journey together, may be the thing that you need to address, and focus on for resolution and birth preparation. Be compassionate to your own needs. Don't push through pain during your pregnancy. Slow down and really listen.

Place your hands on your belly and say:
"I send you love, compassion and patience. I trust your birth journey as much as my own. We are doing this together."

Spend time connecting with nature. Whether its walking in the grass barefoot, having a swim in the ocean or taking a walk in the fresh air with your family. Getting outside will bring you back to all that is around you, rather than the space that we sometimes live in, in our minds. Experiencing nature will again remind you to take your time, be present, and approach your remaining moments during pregnancy with grace.


Am I engaged with my baby and listening?
Am I engaged in the present moment?
Am I engaged with our true needs or
am up in my head in a negative mindset?

If I'm not 'engaged' with my body or baby, then I'm usually up in head, and thinking too much. I need to re-connect maybe 100 times a day with my baby and stay present with our journey together. If there is something I need to do he will tell me. I have to trust that he has something greater to teach me. Notice when you are up in your head and not focused on your baby in your pelvis. Send that energy down there and re-connect.


So these are just a few insights into my pregnancy as it moves into its final weeks. I hope that you can glean something special to take with you into the new year of 2015. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy journey. Share your comments below and share with all your ladies who are approaching the final weeks of pregnancy. :)

Lauren x