Ode to pregnancy

Photo by Jane McCrae

An Ode to Pregnancy
(An irregular ode without the rhyming. For those of you Greek historians types out there
who think its not an ode. It's an ode because I say so. :)

To pregnancy. 
To the wonder of the unknown
and the miracle of growth and change.
To the challenges that arise that test us beyond belief,
and sometimes have us doubting ourselves more than we should.
To the little souls who enter our lives without us really knowing
when or for how long they come.

To pregnancy.
To my three pregnancies.

To the first.
To the first pregnancy that I rushed though, wanting to get to the end.
To the experience that changed my life and taught me about
expectation. About projecting. About attachment to outcomes.
About the power of positive and negative thoughts,
depending on which path you choose to take.
To the soul that now lives with us,
who brings us happiness with his spirit, his humour and his sensitivity,
I bow down to you.
You are my golden egg.

To pregnancy.
To the second.

To the second pregnancy that didn't last as long as we expected,
and to the soul that arrived and left too soon.
To the intensity of those first 6 weeks and time spent in Europe.
Carrying you in my belly through customs,
through the alps, the streets of Paris, my old London town.
You taught us about loss.
About the things we sometimes need to lose
in order to change and grow.
You brought me great relief.
I finally realised
that I didn't need to be in control all the time or at all.
You taught me that letting go and approaching life without force,
was the most graceful path.
I bow down to you.
You are my golden ticket.

To pregnancy.
To the third and current.

To this third pregnancy that I've held so dearly.
To this pregnancy that I've been so present in.
That I've been myself in.
To this pregnancy that I've not rushed or
at any moment been ungrateful for.
To this pregnancy that has taught me about the present moment.
About my body, my needs,
my fears, my affirmations, my intuition.
About the power of meditation and positive affirmations,
that I truly had to believe, and repeat, and repeat and repeat
over and over, until 'I' listened, and my mind finally shut up...
for long enough to change the mindset for good.
To the soul inside my belly, booting me and moving around,
you are my little Buddha.
I can't wait to meet you, sing you a song and thank you for your

To all the women who I've had the
pleasure and honour of mentoring through yoga, as your doula
or your friend.
To all the women who came to my Mother Blessing
and made me see what I really and truly needed.
I needed you!

To my mum, to my mother in law, to my grandmas who have passed.

My ode to pregnancy.
9th December 2014.