In the wee hours of this morning, 2.35am to be exact, I woke to my son screaming and crying. So being a super hero, I bolted out of bed to rescue him from danger. 

I was expecting the worst. My son lying on the floor after falling out of bed, or perhaps in the cupboard looking for the door to his room. (It runs in the family, we are night walking, talking, kicking, arm flailing during our sleep type characters.)

When I got to his door, I was surprised to see a most peculiar yoga pose he had formed with use of props he had stumbled upon. He used the 'Little white chair' for support and the 'bed rail' to give him the lift in his legs. I was half way between distress and hysterical laughter, as I noticed he was trying to master a Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) or perhaps even Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance) in his sleep.

Im only sorry I didn't get a proper photo of it. I know thats mean, but his alignment and balance was incredible. He came and slept with me in our bed and woke me up again at 6am. 

Thats how we do it at our house!!

Tell me about your son or daughters yoga practice. Have you got anything funny to share?