AUGUST 24TH 2019

(These workshops run monthly by request. Max 4 couples per workshop)

"Rick and I want to thank you for the birth workshop you ran last week. We were really looking forward to attending and unsure exactly what to expect. It was exactly what we were hoping for and more. We felt that we both got so much out of the workshop and have come away feeling really positive about my labour. You were able to tailor the workshop to suit the needs and wants of the people attending which we thought was great. Rick has come away with a list of ways he can help and support me during labour and he feels more confident in his role. The ice activity was extremely valuable for me as it gave me the opportunity to try a variety of ways to cope with the pain. I was able to see what worked for me and what didn't and how Rick can support when I am using these strategies in labour.  I am now looking at labour in a different way. It is natural, it is a healthy pain and I have options. I can try different methods to cope with the pain but ultimately I want a healthy baby and a healthy me." - BROOKE

Birth is a very different and unique experience for each and every woman. As a doula (birth support person) and prenatal yoga teacher, I often see women disappointed by their birth experience when they put all their hopes and dreams into one outcome. Birth tends to reveal the unexpected, and we don’t often prepare for what happens when it doesn’t go to plan.

With inspiration from the Birthing From Within® philosophy, as a Birthing From Within Mentor, and the science of yoga, Singingbird Yoga & Birth Support has created a birth workshop for women and your partners to help you prepare for all outcomes of birth in a compassionate, insightful and practical way.

"Thank u so much for all support, prep, guidance and of course just being u. I know without hesitation Singingbird Yoga played a massive part in preparing me for labor and motherhood!! -ALICIA

LEe and Paddy 2012 - Photo by Lauren Horton

LEe and Paddy 2012 - Photo by Lauren Horton

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for us today to explore, unpack and learn. We're both exhausted but absolutely loved it. We're all loved up and feeling very excited for the big day. It was a challenging weekend but your delivery of content was balanced and not at all overwhelming. And thank you for supporting us as some delicate subjects arose. We're so happy we chose your workshop. I know we'll be recommending you to any of our pregnant friends in the future. " - CANDICE

In our full day birth workshops you will:

  • PRACTICE unique multi-sensory pain coping practices to prepare you for the intensity of labour, to get you through the challenges of the contractions and the unexpected. 

  • PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE role play, labour theatre and birth art as way of preparing and gaining knowledge for your birth

  • UNDERSTAND the stages labour in a physical and emotional way, from the perspective of mother, father/partner, baby and hospital. 

  • OPEN your mind and discover how your beliefs, assumptions and intentions impact your preparation for birth. Learn that your care providers also come to birth with intentions. Together we will learn how to work best with your birth team, how to make clear, educated, intuitive decisions that are right for you.

  • LEARN the helpful acronym B.R.A.I.N and discover through group exercises how to use it when making decisions during labour. This is particularly rewarding and eye opening for the fathers and birth support partners.

  • EXPERIMENT with positions for labour, massage and acupressure points for pain management and ease of birth.

  •  INVESTIGATE your beliefs about birth, pain medication, birth outcomes and expectations. 

  • PLAN for the challenges of breastfeeding, postpartum, relationship changes and well being after birth.


When is the next workshop?

These workshops are suited to couples 32 weeks gestation and onwards. Any earlier, and you may forget what you have learnt!


Workshops are held in groups on the Central Coast. They run from 9.30-5.30pm and cost $265 per couple. Bookings essential. Only 4 couples per workshop.

Private workshops for 4 hours are available for $390. This includes handouts, morning or afternoon tea, my fee and travel to your home.

 ”Hi Lauren, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the techniques you showed me during your birth workshop. Craig and I used the ‘Non Focussed Awareness’ strategy in particular and it worked so well for me. In fact, I was able to stay at home all day with my 2 year old (we did baking and play with toys / books - all the while having contractions and using your strategy). I didn’t realise how far along I was - I was able to stay at home and relax there and was 9.5cm on arrival at the hospital - I seriously thought I was only in the early stages as I was managing the contractions so much more than with my birth with Liam. Thanks so much for such an invaluable contribution to my wonderful birth experience with my beautiful little man.” -  LIZ xxx

”Firstly, I want to let you know what a pleasure it was participating in your workshop last week. You were a wonderful host who made Aaron and I feel very welcome and comfortable in your home. The knowledge and experience that you passed on has certainly helped to put our minds at ease about the upcoming birth of our precious Bub and has helped us to feel much more prepared in terms of what to expect and how to manage the many challenges that we will undoubtably face throughout labour. I will ensure that I pass on your details to any friends or family who are expecting so that they can enjoy the positive and educational benefits of your workshop. We look forward to filling you on on the birth and letting you know which of your strategies worked best for us!” - Virginia